Your journey of beauty starts here. We offer more than just beauty appearance services, with an emphasis on individualized personal care treatment. Lanreé offers an array of aesthetic dermatological procedures using the latest cutting-edge techniques, paving the way in the New Zealand beauty industry.

All our staff here at Lanreé are extremely experienced and knowledgeable in skin, products and our treatment devices. Our injectables Doctor has over 20+ year’s experience in his industry and our Beauty Specialists have over 10+ years experience in our provided treatments. Our clinic only employs the highest trained, fully qualified Therapists. We focus on the constant development and upskilling of our staff so that we are able to deliver the best results to our clients.

Lanree Aesthetics is located at 128, Parnell Road, Parnell, one of Auckland’s most affluent suburbs, where timeless heritage rub shoulders with the bright, modern lights of tomorrow.

I visited this place for armpit and groin whitening. Clean treatment rooms, clear appointment system, quick response, and state of the art equipment. I am very happy that I can get these services in NZ.

— ゴールデンプニ / PiQo4 Laser

I have meso done here. I'm happy that the process including with deep cleaning skin before injection (unlike other clinic with similar price) and follow up with mask which is very pleasant and the results is brilliant. Will come again more often.

— Thao Nguyen / Mesotherapy

I'm really happy about their service and results. It's so amazing that my skin getting spotless and smooth and shiny 🤩 highly recommending the PiQo4, really appreciated for that.

— Wenwen / PiQo4 Laser

Had an aqua microbubble deep cleansing facial and my face felt deeply cleansed and moisturised. It has been a really pleasant experience overall from the customer service to the therapist. I will come back again.

— Elizaly / Aqua Microbubble Deep Cleansing Facial

My sister brought me for a Ultraformer 3 treatment as a birthday gift when I was visiting her in New Zealand. I have never done any treatment before, so I was a little bit nervous. The results were instant. Most of my friends has noticed my skin is smoother. I will definitely come back next time when I visit New Zealand

— Nicole Liu / Ultraformer
Ultraformer III

Very professional and friendly staff. I have been doing Ultraformer and PiQo4, results are amazing.

— Rosalyn Rong / Ultraformer and PiQo4 Laser

Highly recommend, after good results with the aqua microbubble treatment, I booked in for the Supreme facial, Love the glow and how clean my skin felt.. great customer service and always accommodating! Thanks Team

— Kelly Abraham / Supreme Facial & Aqua Microbubble Facial
Supreme Facial

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