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Rejuran™ Healer Booster Injection

Our Rejuran™ Healer Booster Injection is delivered through the newest Mesotherapy Injector Gun technology. The latest skin healing injection from South Korea. This serum helps to strengthen the skin barrier and improve the overall skin environment.

Rejuran skin healer mesotherapy information

Who is this Suitable for?

People with skin problems such as facial aging,  dry skin, oil and water imbalance, lack of elasticity of skin, increased neck wrinkles, skin inflammation and swelling.

What’s In the Serum?

Our therapists can mix serums to suit your skin condition. Upon seeing your skin they will let you know what is most suitable for your concern.

Rejuran contains Polynucleotide (P), an upgraded form of Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN),which has a remarkable ability to aid regeneration of skin and tissues.

What is C-PDRN?

  • Through DOT(DNA Optimization technology), the DNA of salmon is extracted and made into specific DNA fragments.
  • The purified size is 1/670 of the pore, with ultra-high permeability and absorption rate.
  • Helps to strengthen the skin barrier and improve the overall skin environment.

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What Can Rejuran Help With?

  • Anti-aging
  • Uneven skin tone and texture
  • Skin firming
  • Improve elasticity and hydration
  • Reducing inflammation and fine lines
  • Fibroblasts and promoting blood vessel growth.

How Many Sessions Do You Need?

We typically recommend the first 3 sessions every 4-6 weeks. Your therapists will advise on your treatment day what course of treatments is best suited to you skin condition.

When Will Results Show?

Results can typically be seen around 7-14 days post treatment and will continue to show in the following weeks. Results will typically last 12 months after the first 3 sessions.

1st treatment: after 3-5 days of smooth muscle, water and oil balance, reduce sebum;

2nd Treatment: after 2-4 weeks, it promotes cell regeneration of collagen, increases skin elasticity, improves fine lines on the whole face, shrinks pores and improves skin quality;

3rd Treatment: after 4-6 weeks, the skin elasticity is increased to achieve the effect of natural facial lifting, with a three-dimensional sense; After 6-8 weeks, the skin has improved comprehensively, and the skin appears young and healthy.

What is Included in the Treatment?

This treatment includes Facial Steaming, Aqua Microbubble Infusion, Manual Extraction(optional), Rejuran Booster Mesotherapy, Hydrating Gel Mask + LED Light Therapy. You will be provided with 2 free face masks after your treatment to use in the following days.


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Type Session/Duration Price
1 session 5.5ml$800
Anniversary Special (valid until 30/06/24)$690/session
Anniversary Special (valid until 30/06/24)$1980/3 sessions