I had an aqua microbubble deep cleansing facial and my face felt deeply cleansed and moisturised. It has been a really pleasant experience overall from the customer service to the therapist

— Elizaly Ulanday-Marriott

A Lanreé skin care expert will select the most suitable type of deep cleansing treatment to thoroughly cleanse all impurities and make up residue on the skin surface to prep the skin before proceeding to the subsequence intensive treatment. This step would improve congestions by removing blackheads and blocked pores.



This treatment includes a deep skin cleansing procedure to remove makeup residues, followed by a hot facial patch and facial steam to remove blackheads on the nose. Then microbubble suction to remove impurities, blemishes and blackheads accompanied with a face mask and LED Light Therapy.



This facial is perfect as part of a monthly cleansing routine to help remove impurities and refresh the skin. We recommend a 4 week interval between sessions.



Please note that full face manual extraction is not included in this treatment, however if needed this can be added onto the treatment for an extra cost.


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Type Session/Duration Price
Aqua Microbubble Facial 45 mins$85
Manual Extraction (Add-on)Added onto facial price $70

Treatment Videos

Microbubble Facial Deep Cleansing
Microbubble Facial Deep Cleansing
Microbubble Facial Steaming