Get the most out of Lanreé Aesthetics with our points system!

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Membership at Lanree:

Since 2021 our points system above has been running to help give back to our loyal clients. Our points system allows you to save up points every time you spend $100+ in store, which can be redeemed for free treatments as well as give further discounts off of full price treatments with our membership tier.


How Do I Sign Up?

Upon purchasing your first $100+ treatment in store, our friendly staff will ask you if you would like to sign up. If you have previously not been signed up you can also get in touch with us or ask our staff next time you are in store so they can assist you.


How Do I Check my Points?

Every month you will be emailed a points update as well as a text when new points are added. Our staff can also check your points for you at any time either in store or you can get in touch with us online.


How Does the System Work?

For every $100.00 spent in store on treatments (excluding products and Doctor’s injectable treatments) you will receive 18 points. These points can be accumulated and added up as they never expire. Please note that the points system only registers round numbers so any number under a rounded $100 (e.g. $430) will not be counted (you would be given 72 points for $400, the $30 will not be counted).

As well as receiving points, you will also get a membership tier depending on the amount spent within a specified amount of time.  Please see our images above for more information. These discounts are valid only on full price treatments. To redeem your discount in store or to find out your membership tier please ask our friendly team.


Birthday Rewards:

During your birthday month you will automatically receive 1.5x points on top of normal points that you receive in store. You will also receive a $50 voucher which can be used towards treatments in store. Please note this cannot be redeemed for cash. these rewards are only valid within the month of your birthday.


For further queries in regards to our points system you can contact us directly on Instagram @lanreeaesthetics or via email